Add me to the list! 

At first I thought I would stay away from the list thinking that maybe my absence might calm things down, but there’s 7 more nasty messages in my box so staying off the list isn’t helping. So now I figure, if I’m going to receive the hate mail I might as well get it because I am standing for something good.

I will not be bullied by these idiots and I will tag things the way I want and I will not hide in the shadows at the risk of annoying them.

If they want to stay in their small dark, lonely holes so be it, let them make their own tag. How about that? But the rest of us who thrive on the camaradarie and friendship here should not have to give into their hatred.

So sign me up Ashley!

And while you’re at it sign up LOOPYLOU JOVI! She’s back! And if there was ever a good sign of why there should be a ressurection of the BONJOVIFAMILY that is it!

Let me hear an AMEN!

So lots of people use the Anon for good, not evil.

Thank you Anon. What a sweet message. You touched my heart.

We are proud of it, but it’s not about the two of us, it’s about all the people who care about one another on here. Who make an effort to communicate. Who support one another. It’s these things that take the blogging experience from just being about posting photos and thoughts to an interactive one where you give to others.

I told Ashley last night that I never felt she needed my permission to ressurect the BONJOVIFAMILY and that I gave her my blessing. I just want to put that out there for everyone to know. So in case you were holding back from going on the list because you thought I would be offended, now you know how I feel.

And Anon…you didn’t have to go on Anon to say these nice things…I’m here if you ever need to talk <3

xoxo Gayle / Jovimama always <3

I think it was out of concern. Along with the nasty anons I got several sweet messages that reminded me why I started the BONJOVIFAMILY in the first place…

There’s a lot of love and big hearts around this place no matter what anyone else is trying to infer…

Last thing. Listen, I'm sorry I misread what you were saying. When I first read what you wrote about you starting the family, it sounded like you were upset that I revived it without asking you. Yes. I believe we are FRIENDS, which is WHY I thought you wouldn't mind if I started it. I didn't think I had to message you. But I see now that you were really talking about this anon. I wish you had been a little more specific now. I love you. I don't want to fight, especially over a misunderstanding.


We’re cool Jovibaby <3

xoxo Gayle

The Ingrid’s Angel Project.  (Part I)

I wish more people had submitted photos but here are the ones I could find online.

THIS is the kind of thing the BONJOVIFAMILY is about. If this ever becomes “too much” I think there is something wrong with the world.



Please forgive me Ashley!

What a bad, bad, bad, Jovimama!

By Jovi! I’ll get it right next year.

Hope you had a great one! 

Love your Jovimama <3

Sorry Whitetiger9…saw your comment and I had to… ;)

(Well, I think I’m funny…)


He said that? 



















The Original BADBONJOVIGIRLS welcome YOU!

For Whitetiger9, Richie-Sammy-Bora, Sinister-Secrets7415 and Bad-Moon-Arising&#8230;
I feel the pain in your posts Jovigirls&#8230;
A little Something For the Pain and to let you know I&#8217;m With You&#8230;

For Whitetiger9, Richie-Sammy-Bora, Sinister-Secrets7415 and Bad-Moon-Arising…

I feel the pain in your posts Jovigirls…

A little Something For the Pain and to let you know I’m With You…



So I have been asked this question once again and I thought instead of messaging privately I will post this so that others of you who have wondered who we are referring to when we talk about CaptainKiddy or when you see her gifs will understand why some of the BONJOVIFAMILY are particularly sensitive when it comes to this blogger and her gifs…

CAPAINKIDDY was a beautiful blogger and Goddess of the Gifs who was one of the ORIGINAL BONJOVIFAMILY MEMBERS. One of my first JOVIBABIES and most of all, Ingrid was my friend. We started blogging around the same time and we got to talking and became very close. WE  even talked about  trying to hook up for an upcoming tour in New York with Whitetiger9 and Slipperyhereinjersey. To take in a show together and do a New Jersey Roadtrip. It was so fun to imagine… Sadly, that was not meant to be…

To know Ingrid was to love her. She was one of the most positive people I have ever met. Just like Whitetiger9 I became totally enchanted by her enthusiasm for Bon Jovi it reminded me of myself. Even though we lived half way around the world (it turned out she had clocks set so she would wake up to talk to me…her sister later told me) she felt like one of my kids. We talked almost daily and she made me all these great gifs which you can still see circulating around here today. She was just sweet like that. She’d call it her JOVIMAMA HOMEWORK. She would also suprise other BONJOVIFAMILY members with them. She was the kind of person who would watch what you said on your blog and then just make you one and surprise you! How Jovi-ish is that? Here are some she made for me…





So, then the day came where I noticed she hadn’t answered my last couple of messages and that was not like her.  I got really worried like a JOVIMAMA would and flooded her message box with annoying “Where are you?” messages. Finally I got an answer. She had been in a car accident and they had had to do surgery on her and put her into an induced coma for a few days. Her prognosis looked good though and it would just take time for her to heal. In one of her messages she told me she was begging her family to let her have her laptop because she wanted to message her BONJOVIFAMILY. As she put it her OTHER FAMILY thought maybe this was brain damage caused by the accident (she had a very good sense of humor…) but finally they relented when they thought she was well enough and her sister got her the laptop. I can just picture her demanding that damn thing, just like I would have! 

After getting her first message I made a post letting everyone know she needed lots of JOVILOVE so everyone started sending her messages and making her posts. It was the most beautiful thing ever. It’s exactly what I had hoped for when I coined the phrase BONJOVIFAMILY. She was just extatic. She said she knew I would care, but she never realized how much other people did. During this time, her sister must have snuck her laptop and sent me a message to thank me for all the JOVILOVE and told me it was really spurring Ingrid’s recovery on. She also told me that Ingrid talked about her JOVIMAMA all the time and I was so touched that her sister had taken the time to tell me. It really was something. People kept making posts and sending her messages for not just the original day but for weeks. Then the great day came that she was released from the hospital and she was happily back at home. Everything looked good. 

Then came the day she sent me a horrible message saying she had woke up and found that she had lost the use of her arm. She was going to have to go back to the hospital and she was really worried. I tried to comfort her as best I could and then I made her promise me she would message me as soon as she could or get her sister to.

That was the last time I spoke to her. Days passed. I waited and grew more and more frantic. Finally I remembered that message from her sister and I went back in my mail to find it hoping I hadn’t deleted it. I hadn’t. It took awhile to get up the nerve to send the message but I finally did. Then I waited for what I already suspected was bad news because of the posts I’d seen on her sister’s blog. 

Her sister turned out to be as lovely as Ingrid. I am still so appreciative that she took the time to message me at such a hard time. Unfortunately, the medication that was supposed to break up the bloodclot that had formed in her head, did not work fast enough and Ingrid passed away that very first night that she had gone into the hospital.

It may seem crazy to some people who think why would you get so upset over someone you never met in person? I might even have thought that before I got to know so many lovely people on here, but now I know differently. Alot of us spend an unmentionable amount of time talking and sharing things that we might not even be able to share with people in our “OTHER LIFE.”  A place where we can come and not be judged for our feelings about this band that means so much to us.  Then there’s the moment when you begin to share other things, personal things, with some of these people and this is where the whole concept of  ”We’re More than fans, We’re the BONJOVIFAMILY.” came into being.

I was truly devestated by all this, as were many other members of the BONJOVIFAMILY as well as other members of this fandom and even people from completely other fandoms who let me know by so many private messages. For days, all of us were in shock and blogged for our sweet CaptainKiddy. It wasn’t enough though, I needed to do something more but what could I do from a world away? In a beautiful  twist of fate Ingrid’s sister once again messaged me and asked if I could reccommend some songs for Ingrid’s funeral. Although the family knew of her love for Bon Jovi, she admitted they had no idea what songs she would want. As I said, as fate would have it, Ingrid and I had spent some time talking about the music on her playlist and “Father Time” was one of the first songs we’d discussed. I’d never heard it before because I wasn’t familiar with Richie’s Solo Music. I’d heard it on her blog and loved it and she enthusiastically shared with me all about it. So I suggested that, Thank You For Loving Me and a couple of others. I was disappointed that Richie’s Every Road Leads Home To You wasn’t out on CD yet because I know how much she’d loved that song. I’d made sure she saw a post of it and she had told me how happy it had made her to hear it.

The one last thing I was able to do for Ingrid was befriend her sister. It was funny in a way because after I’d told Ingrid about how her sister had messaged me she got all cute saying she was going to tell her sister to leave me alone, because I belonged to her… I told her no one could take me away from her and she came back with a funny answer about how her sister couldn’t make gifs either. Then she posted me the one with “Super Jovimama” on it… I promised her with skills like that I was hers always!

As it turned out, despite Ingrid’s playful complaining, her sister and I did become friends and I like to think I helped her through that hard time and she helped me. She shared with me special things about Ingrid, photos and what Ingrid had said about me. We talked about Ingrid being still here watching us and Bon Jovi. That she would forever have the best seat at the concert. Probably sitting right next to Richie… She also sent me special not yet published gifs that I haven’t been able to post yet…I haven’t been emotionally able to, but I promise that one day I will…

So for those of you who don’t know who CAPTAINKIDDY was, this is part of her story. The part I know and the part I will always keep in my heart. 

In recent days when I’ve been listening to That’s What The Water Made Me I’ve often thought of my little JOVIANGEL Ingrid, this line I dedicate to her…

"Love is like fingerprints, it don’t wash away…"


(…and could you whisper in Richie’s ear and tell him he needs to clear up those personal problems as quick as possible and get back to work soon? We miss him <3)


(All gifs made by CaptainKiddy)

(Ingrid’s Angel Edit made by Strangerinthistown) Maysa &lt;3 Sam &lt;3 Timi &lt;3 Kristi &lt;3 Marcelle &lt;3 Ashley &lt;3 &lt;3 Antonia &lt;3 Kate &lt;3
How can I possibly not know your name sinister-secrets???? Fill me in for the BONJOVIFAMILY LIST&#8230; 

Me too!

I think if memory serves me right we&#8217;re getting close to being accused of &#8220;objectifying Jon?&#8221; 
Whatcha think Whitetiger9?

I think if memory serves me right we’re getting close to being accused of “objectifying Jon?” 

Whatcha think Whitetiger9?