It’s all the same, only the names will changeEveryday it seems we’re wasting awayAnother place where the faces are so coldI’d drive all night just to get back home…
                                            Wanted Dead Or Alive
                                                      Bon Jovi

It’s all the same, only the names will change
Everyday it seems we’re wasting away
Another place where the faces are so cold
I’d drive all night just to get back home…

                                            Wanted Dead Or Alive

                                                      Bon Jovi

Thataboy Dean!

Most favorite Fandom Crossover Moment!!!!

Bon Jovi and Supernatural!!!!

"Wanted" Scene with Dean and Sam…

You should have heard the screams and squeals over that one!!!!

Correction Dean…Bon Jovi Rocks on all occasions!


(Not my gifs…sorry. Don’t know who they belong to. Please message me and I will give credit. :)



I’m a Cowboy…on  a steel horse I ride…

Wanted…Dead or Alive!

Stefan: (Re-enters room with a bottle of alcohol) Amazing what you can find stashed away in the teachers lounge.

Rebekkah:  This song is not as terrible as the others ones.

Stefan: This song is the Godfather of Rock Anthems okay? 

Rebekkah: What’s going on with you? You’re fun tonight.

Stefan: I can’t listen to this music without thinking about my best friend 

            Lexi. We spent most of the eighties together. I remember this

            one time she snuck us backstage and we compelled the band to 

            do tequila shots with us before the show… She was fearless.

            Kind of like you…


Love when two of my Favorite Fandoms come together!!!!

(Bon Jovi Gif borrowed from CaptainKiddy)

(Vampire Diaries Gifs borrowed from omypetrova & letimaginationflowslowly)

Forgot how much fun these were to make…

Forgot how much fun these were to make…

Hi Gayle.How was the movie? Did you see "Rock of Ages"? I really want to see that movie. Although it's not Jon singing. Did you sing along with the songs, because I think I would. I miss your Jovi spam! xoxo Ingrid.

Did You see my Review Baby?

I really enjoyed it! I would file it under lots of fun and a cult classic…

I most definitely did a little singing-a-long as you accurately predicted and so did my BabyJ! 


It was almost impossible not to! 

Sorry, I haven’t been on as much lately. A lot going on in my other life right now… but I’ll find some time this weekend to catch up on my spamming! I promise… Maybe even a little tonight…but first I have some business to attend to. 


XOXO Gayle

Okay! I loved it!

Time machine and my BabyJ  took me back to my twenties the other night!

They captured that time period pretty well.

I’ve been to bars like that…the record store was a blast from my past…used to spend hours on a Friday Payday studying albums and coming home with a new stack to share with my good friend who also had an addiction to music.

When her records get stolen and she’s crying my daughter leaned over and said you would have cried like that…yeah, probably.

I loved the soundtrack! You couldn’t help but sing. I think I had a stupid smile on my face through the whole thing!

Jukebox Hero, Sister Christian, Paradise City, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Nothin But A Good Time and Every Rose Has It’s Thorn… Love , love, love.

Best moment…daughter leans over “Here it comes…” 

Tom Cruise performing Wanted Dead Or Alive. Now of course it was not Jon. And no it did not sound like Jon nor anywhere close to how I hoped it would…but…I just love that it was in the movie! 

My biggest complaint was there should have been more Bon Jovi, some Aerosmith (besides showing a record cover…) More Guns, more Def Leppard, more Van Halen, some AC/DC, some KISS, more Scorpions, more Judas Priest…  more….yeah, I guess maybe only a few people could have made it through Gayle’s 6 hour long tribute to 80’s Rock Of Ages…

I would have liked to have seen a piece of Jovi memorabilia somewhere and instead of the Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson  popping up in dance numbers, Jon and the boys would have been my choice.

I also would have liked to see at the end in the mob scene more Rock and Roll Icons in the crowd. I picked out Skid Row’s  Sebastian Back immediately and Debbie Gibson (not sure why she was there…)

Now I know my dear friend Ashley does not care for Tom Cruise but I got to admit I do like him when he’s not speaking out on topics he should just keep to himself. As an actor I think he’s played some great parts in his time and he does throw himself completely into them. I think he did a great job of playing a tortured, seemingly off the wall Rockstar… Wonder if Axl Rose likes the movie…? 

I really liked the part when he’s questioning his manager at the end…and his version of Pour Some Sugar On Me was one of my favorites! When he walks through the crowd towards Malin Ackerman and encounters the groupie well, that made me laugh…no spoilers here.

The adorable actor who played Drew…Diego Bonita was as I said adorable. I would have fallen for him back in the day! He puts on some great performances…

Yes,  ”Songs-of-yesterday…” Julianna Hough…Cute as ever! Her voice…well, let’s just say, Cute as ever! Expected her to do a little more dancing, big number at the 2nd bar…

Russel Brand and Alec Baldwin…comedy relief as always.

Sleazy Paul Giamatti…a tribute to Doc McGhee? Guess there was plenty of sleazy managers out there at the time…He was great though! “Is it true?” part…watch for it. Priceless answers…

Huge shout out to Mary J Blige…that woman can sing! Reminiscent of putting Tina Turner in Tommy as the acid queen back in the day for the powerhouse female moment…

All in all a big thumbs up from me! Will I buy the movie? Of Course! Will we stage “Rocky Horror Picture Show Style Nights?” Very likely! 

Get out your hairspray, off the shoulder ripped sweatshirts, high boots, leopard skin prints and bring your best 80’s albums for the aftershow!




Not sure if you saw the answer to your note yesterday…

Not sure if you saw the answer to your note yesterday…

…millions of faces and sadly not mine this time :(

…millions of faces and sadly not mine this time :(