Lights out.

Much screaming ensues. Can’t believe that I am going to be THIS CLOSE to HIM! JOHNNY RZEZNIK! Have I mentioned how much I love him?

Robby and the rest of the band take the stage and Johnny limps to a stool where his microphone awaits him.

Yes. I said limps. Turns out Johnny has injured his foot and he will be seated RIGHT IN FRONT OF US FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW. I feel a little guilty for thinking this is kind of great for us, when it must have been pretty shitty for him. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

But for a dedicated performer like John the show must go on. Hmmm…reminds me of someone else…oh yeah, Jon Bon Amazing Jovi who is known for continuing his tour(s) after sustaining leg injuries not once, but twice. ( I saw him in Calgary after one such injury and he put on an amazing show. Only the faithful would be able to tell he hadn’t moved the way we are used to seeing him do…) Have I mentioned how much I love these two men? Getting clearer why they are sometimes mistaken for one another…

I digress…anyway, sad for Johnny but good for us. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

So everything is going great! I can tell BabyJ’s excited about some of the shots she’s capturing, and we’re having a good time singing along with some of our favorite songs of all time, right there with Johnny like he’s done in my mind in my living room many, many times with the help of the Concert Video Live In Buffalo…

When suddenly I realize BabyJ is gone. My new Bon Jovi Friend says one of the “Security Staff” had just pulled her out. Visions of Bon Jovi again. When in Toronto some Security Dude had tried to confiscate her camera/camera card. Why out of all the people in the place taking photos would we get such grand treatment you might ask? Not a f**king clue. Maybe it’s because she stands out because she is so beautiful. That sounds right. I’ll go with that. Have I mentioned how much I hate Concert security?

Anyway, these security dudes don’t know who they’re dealing with apparently, because both times she has managed to talk her way out of the situation. Downside, not as many photos as we could have had. Upside, the guy thought she had deleted the photos so he let her put the camera away and for once BabyJ actually got to spend a good part of the evening just enjoying the show. 

And what a show it was! 

Thank you Mr Rzeznik and Mr Takac for once again exceeding my expectations!

And did I mention how much I love him?

(Will never understand why these management companies try to limit cameras at concerts when everytime people post their photos to websites such as this or facebook, it is amazing free publicity for the bands (?) Even the band has a place on their official Fanclub page where you can submit your photos wtf(?) How are we supposed to submit them if we’re not allowed to take them? Tell me? How?)

(Vancouver March 6, 2013, Hard Rock Casino, Photos by

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